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Your Cause and Members All Benefit!
Veterans, Churches, Chambers of Commerce, Charter Schools, Scouting Programs, Clubs, Organizations, Society Groups, Businesses, Children's Groups, Community Groups, Non-Profits, ...more

An honorable and kosher viral project that can create donations for your overhead or service projects that need $$, without asking your parishioners or members to tithe/contribute more.

Contact us to help get yours started - No Costs for our help in getting you set up or consulting with your church leadership.


word of mouth pays with a megaphone

It’s easy - Do it Now!  Simple to do! Create your Free site for your Church Group, Parish, Members, etc, using your Church or non-profit name, THEN, invite your members to join.  Be sure to check out the Media Panel which offers Christian Music you can enjoy while using your site!  There is a video that briefly talks about how this is helping “churches, schools, Chambers of Commerce, and other non-profits.


You do not have to be a user of our preferred providers services to participate in this word of mouth/mouse program.

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